Thursday, February 1, 2024 10:30-11:30am ET: Community Q&A

In this Community Q&A call, we talked about:

One mom is looking for information about boosting the immune system.

  • Maria: Cut out sugar and dairy. Check vitamin D levels. Use Xlear spray, Biocidin throat spray and saline spray. Fire tonic recipe.
  • Beth: Gargle with iodine and salt water.
  • Another mom: Garden of Life immune syrup.
  • Shandy: Bee Keepers Naturals propolis spray. Herbal teas like Throat Coat tea and nettle leaf tea.
  • Info page: Immune Systems Boosters
  • Info page: How to Support the Immune System

Another mom’s son likely has PANDAS and is on Jodie Dashore’s protocol. What is the best way to test for food sensitivities?

Another mom’s son needs a crown (dental procedure). The dentist recommends a metal or porcelain composite.

  • Maria: Metal in the mouth affects the tooth meridians and the organs associated with those meridians. Metal fillings have measurable current and wattage. Work with a holistic dentist. If child gets braces, be sure to have child adjusted structurally by osteopath, chiropractor and/or cranialsacral therapist.
  • Beth: Beware of anesthesia, even if just nitrous oxide because it can lower amounts of vitamin B12 if someone has an MTHFR mutation. Steven Yu.
  • Shandy: Look for an IAOMT dentist. Douglas Cook for biological dentist and tooth meridians.
  • Another mom: toothbrushes
  • Info page: Anesthesia and Autism
  • Info page: MTHFR Mutation
  • Webinar replay: How the Oral Microbiome Affects Whole-Body Health

Another mom is looking for good homeschool programs. Which ones do parents use?

  • All About Reading
  • Handwriting Without Tears
  • Good and the Beautiful for math
  • BrightStart Math: Good for visual, tactile and movement
  • Michael Thompson for English grammar and composition

A dad wants to know about what to do for remineralization of child’s teeth. How possible is it?

Another mom is considering what to do next for her child: BrainVive or neurofeedback?

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