Thursday, October 5, 2023 10:30-11:30am ET: Community Q&A Call

In this Community Q&A call, we talked about:

A mom had emotional trauma during birth. Her son is now 15 and had Sensory Processing Disorder, speech and language challenges and hypotonia when younger. Things were better for years then many things resurfaced during lockdown, especially OCD. He was diagnosed with autism this summer. He doesn’t like to be touched. He couldn’t chew or swallow as a baby.

  • Could be PANS/PANDAS.
  • Brain Harmony could help.
  • Shandy: Bach flower remedies could help, especially Rescue Remedy, which can come in drops as well as pastilles. These remedies work on emotional and spiritual levels.
  • Look into family constellations. Sarah Bastian does family constellations consultations over the phone for individual people.
  • Look into Heilkunst homeopathy.

A parent has a child whose son is pre-verbal and doesn’t respond well to supplements. He did a gut protocol two years ago. Are there any children who have recovered with just homeopathy?

A mom wants information about sleep apnea.

A mom has a son who is 8 and low verbal and has low muscle tone. He did Brain Harmony when he was younger. His breath has a weird smell in the morning. He was constant respiratory issues. He used to have croup a lot when younger. He is triggered by screens sometimes.

A mom wants to know about tuning forks.

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