Thursday, September 7, 2023 10:30-11:30am ET: Community Q&A Call

In this Community Q&A call, we talked about:

A child is newly diagnosed with Lyme disease. Has a stiff neck, bulls-eye rash and headaches. She wants to know which course of action to take. How was he tested? Most non-Lyme-literate doctors will often only run a Western blot test, but there are other specialty labs that can help to confirm the clinical diagnosis. Also, there are often co-infections present at the same time, so be sure to have them tested for. Mold can contribute to autism, Lyme and PANS/PANDAS diagnoses.

Another child has speech and developmental delays, but mom doesn’t believe the child has autism. Take a look at the root causes; don’t get hung up on the diagnostic label.

Child has dilated pupils. Why? Could be adrenal fatigue or retained reflexes such as Moro reflex, which leaves a child in a constant state of fight or flight.

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