Thursday, February 15, 2024, 1:00-2:00pm ET: House Call

Featuring Heather Tallman-Ruhm, Medical Director, of the Documenting Hope Project.

Here’s what was talked about:

One mom asked about her daughter’s current practitioner. Communication is hard, and mom is worried that maybe the practitioner isn’t a good fit or the right time.

  • Dr. Heather: No practitioner can be everything to everyone. She doesn’t take it personally if mom sees another practitioner. Find someone that fits your style and strengths. This is an individual thing. What are you doing foundationally for your child and self? Not enough can be done foundationally, such as sleep, movement, hydration, quality nutrition, total load, total supports, self care and your relationship with your child to work as a team.

Another mom has a daughter who is 3. The family lives in south Florida and is having trouble finding a good practitioner. What are the pros and cons of telehealth? Constipation is the daughter’s biggest issue. If you’re just starting your journey, how do you find someone?

  • Maria: Worked with a naturopath and had great results, but not all states allow naturopaths to practice.
  • Shandy: In Michigan, naturopaths aren’t allowed to practice as naturopaths, so they work as health coaches, and this is still helpful.
  • Another mom with a 15-year-old nonverbal daughter recommends Dr. Mensah at This doctor has a traveling team, is inexpensive compared to others (about $750 + supplements), gets results and is holistic. Her daughter’s Lyme disease was cleared with ozone by LifeWorks Wellness in Clearwater, FL (not cheap but worth it).
  • Beth: Fatima Hassan, an Epidemic Answers health coach who is also a speech and language pathologist at Terra Speech and Language is in south Florida and may be of help.
  • Shandy: Shandy is also a speech and language pathologist and telehealth works well for her and her clients. She is able to provide the same level of care.
  • Dr. Heather: Functional nutritionists are also very helpful.
  • Shandy: Health coaches also offer handheld guidance.
  • Dr. Heather: Health coaches are the bridges between new parents and specialists and are so needed.
  • Shandy: Don’t forget our Healthier Poop Healing Handbook and our Healing Trail Map.
  • Beth: The Healing Trail Map isn’t linear; you might go back and forth between steps.
  • Shandy: Go back to the basics.
  • Dr. Heather: Ask yourself how you can do better at foundational supports.
  • Info page: Constipation and Diarrhea
  • Info page: Kryptopyrroluria (Pyrrole Disorder / Pyroluria)

Another mom started having her nonverbal daughter seeing a PX Docs-trained chiropractor (Dr. Tony Ebel, the founder of PX Docs, presented at the Documenting Hope Conference in November.) After a two-month intensive, her daughter has started communicating with pictures and initiating her needs. Her daughter was previously verbal until she got Lyme disease when she was 7-8 years old.

  • Dr. Heather: The nervous system is very dependent on the body’s structure.

Another mom has a son who has had autism since he was a year old. His heavy-metal hair test from Mosaic showed that he was high in lead, aluminum and arsenic. He is gluten-free, dairy-free and his food is organic.

  • Dr. Heather: Hair tests are accurate in their measurement. It’s great that her child can detoxify through hair because others can’t. Look at his results in the context of his journey. Mom is on the right track. Look at potential sources of heavy metals that show high levels. Remember that this is a snapshot and it’s not all bad news.
  • Another mom worked with Dietrich Klinghardt MD PhD for her child and was given six pills of broken-cell chlorella, vitamin C and B vitamins per day. Hair tests were done 2-3 times per year, and they eventually saw levels normalize.
  • Dr. Heather: Don’t let lab results frighten you. Look at child’s progression regardless of lab results.
  • Beth: Don’t manganese and lead have to be in balance? Stephanie Seneff PhD says that glyphosate can deplete manganese.
  • Dr. Heather: Heavy metals can deplete minerals. Be sure to go back to foundations and get the gut ecosystem healthier. IntellxxDNA has a clinical tool can identify those who need extra support.

Another mom has a 13-year-old son with a leg-length discrepancy. He had a temporary bone plate insertion. They are trying to stimulate muscle tone and are doing HBOT. How can they reduce the harms from the radiation exposures that are needed to monitor his progress?

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