Thursday, June 15, 2023, 1:00-2:00pm ET: House Call

Featuring Madiha Saeed MD, Director of Education, and Heather Tallman-Ruhm MD, Medical Director, both of the Documenting Hope Project.

We talked about:

  • What are some first steps to take to improve gut health for children?
    • Dr. Madiha:
      • Lifestyle is key
      • Remove inflammatory foods and fake, junk foods
      • Find real-food alternatives
      • Digestive support from enzymes, probiotics, bone broth and apple sauce
      • Start the day with gratitude: Say 10 things you’re thankful for
    • Dr. Heather:
      • Microbiome’s DNA is calling the shots
      • Microbiome responsible for manufacturing neurotransmitters
      • Think of microbiome like a rich, diverse garden
      • Eat lots of color and fiber
      • Think about who this food is serving?
    • Dr. Madiha puts everything in a smoothie
      • Put in “weird” foods like broccoli sprouts, amla and dandelion greens for diversity
      • Grow your own seed sprouts
      • Different microbes like different foods
  • A child developed picky eating and major rage tantrums suddenly at 9 years of age. He suffered neurological injury at age 2, and the family has moved twice in the past two years.
    • Shandy:
      • White foods produce endorphins
      • Could be an oral-motor issue
      • Junk food is more predictable texture-wise and may produce biochemical addiction
    • Dr. Heather:
      • Think PANS/PANDAS
      • However, foundational things matter. Why is this child a host?
      • Did early-life trauma set the stage for this? Think of the Institute for Functional Medicine’s theory of antecedents preceding onset of a diagnosis. Think of ACES (Adverse Childhood Experiences). The body is always asking, “Is it safe?” Trauma is a perceived lack of control. Do what you can to build in safety.
    • Beth: Robert Naviaux published a new paper about the cell-danger response: Mitochondrial and metabolic features of salugenesis and the healing cycle.
    • Dr. Madiha:
      • Work on detoxification pathways and nutritional deficiencies: Epsom salts baths, 5-10 minutes in a far-infrared sauna, dry brushing, hot/cold water extremes to stimulate lymph system.
  • Which is better, raw or cooked food?
    • Dr. Madiha: Get nutrients into child regardless of raw or cooked. Focus more on what your child can eat. Avoid barbecued foods and fried foods.
    • Dr. Heather: Cooking does destroy enzymes, but there’s always a continuum.
    • Maria: Traditional Chinese Medicine advises to serve cooked fruits and vegetables to someone with thyroid or adrenal issues.
    • Dr. Heather: Food is contextual. Shred raw food and put in at the end. Some people eat raw foods only during the summer and otherwise cook foods.
    • Beth: Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Weston A. Price Foundation and others point to ancestral diets as being healthier.

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