Eliminate Your Child’s Most Challenging Health Symptoms

including symptoms associated with speech delays, autism, sensory issues, allergies, gut issues, developmental delays, learning disabilities, anxiety, and more!

Follow Our Science-Backed, Parent-Driven Healing Program
That’s Been Almost 15 Years in the Making . . .

“We would be honored to support your healing journey for your child! Our unique, whole-child approach means our healing program works for a wide variety of diagnoses.”

This Is a Life-Changing Opportunity for You to Work Alongside Children’s Health Experts to Eliminate Your Child’s Most Challenging Health Symptoms …

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Embark On A Life-Changing Healing Journey With Your Child

Your child’s future is in your hands. They are struggling today, but they don’t have to be tomorrow. Will you take this opportunity to improve their health and future?

Imagine what life would look like with your child’s most challenging symptoms eliminated. Imagine what their future could look like!

And what if their diagnosis completely went away, like hundreds of other children who have followed this healing plan? Isn’t it worth trying?

We hope you’ll say yes. Healing awaits…


“My child has struggled for years with depression, anxiety, ADHD and PTSD. I wonder if there is more we can do to help them be happy and successful in life.”
“I’m at wit’s end with options and I’m not about to mask the problem with prescriptions that suppress symptoms to what lies underneath. I truly believe there is a way to heal the body.”
“There is no replacement for a supportive group of like-minded moms to be on this journey with.”

Join a Community Run by Leading Health and Medical Experts

Some of the top minds and best resumes in children’s health started this community in 2009 after discovering the stories of kids who had completely healed from so-called “lifelong” conditions. Conditions like autism, speech delay, sensory processing, and ADHD—kids were getting better even when doctors said they couldn’t!

Over the next 10 years, these children’s health experts launched two IRB-approved scientific studies, authored multiple books, founded charitable organizations, and interviewed over 1,000 families who had kids on the healing journey.

Today, all of that research and learning is now available to you and your child in the Healing Together community.

Find the Resources You’ve Been Looking for, All in One Place

We know how time-consuming it can be to look all over the internet tracking down scientific studies, symptom information, or treatment ideas. So we’ve gathered all the best research into one place, in a way you can easily access when you need it.

We have links to hundreds of scientific studies and books, 40+ diagnosis pages, 11 Parent Education Modules, 6 Healing Handbooks, plus our scientifically backed Healing Trail Map that will guide you step-by-step through the healing journey, with tips and insights at every step.

Get Virtual Support from Health and Medical Experts Each Month

As a member of Healing Together, you’ll have exclusive access to support from health and medical experts every month. Each month, one of our resident doctors will host a House Call Q&A via videoconference for parents like you. You’ll have your questions answered and will also get to hear about the latest breakthroughs in our scientific studies.

PLUS…we also offer a monthly Community Q&A Call with our in-house health coaches and health experts. This is your chance to ask more questions, and just check in to see how everyone’s doing. And if you can’t make it to the live call, we’ve recorded it for you so you can listen in at your own pace.

Remove the Guesswork – Follow the Same Carefully Designed Healing Plan We Use in Our FLIGHT™ Study

Have you struggled to find a good game plan for helping your child? When you join Healing Together, you can remove the guesswork. You will be using the same healing plan that has been vetted and approved for use in our scientific FLIGHT™ Study.

In the study, we provide 18 months of intensive healing support for a child and family following a specific sequence and methodology that is focused on the whole child—not just the part that might be impacted. It’s a transformative way to approach health symptoms, and it’s the one you’ll be using in Healing Together. We call it our Healing Trail Map, and it’s your step-by-step guide for your healing journey, with in-depth insights and lots of tips along the way.

Connect with Other Parents in a Private Forum—Away from Social Media

Parenting a child with health challenges can be really tough. Which makes connection and community absolutely critical. In our private forum, you can connect with other like-minded parents on the healing journey. You can ask questions, answer questions, or simply share a story about how your journey is going. You can choose to post anonymously or use your real name.

And you won’t be censored for talking about things that are controversial. In the forum, you’ll find a supportive community that “gets you”—away from the pressures of social media.

Be Inspired by Healing Success Stories!

Sometimes you just need a dose of inspiration to keep you going. Inside Healing Together, you’ll find over 20 inspiring success story videos of families who have helped their child eliminate their health symptoms…and often completely reverse their diagnosis.

Healing stories are truly what keep us going, and we’re adding more to the site all the time!

Help Your Child Avoid the Lifelong Medication Loop

Have you been to a doctor and been told your best option is to medicate your child—for life? You are not alone. But unfortunately, what we’ve found is that medication rarely makes the root cause of a health issue go away. Instead, it masks symptoms and can sometimes even cause harmful side effects.

Healing Together is a science-backed healing plan that supports the whole child to truly help them heal…so they won’t need medication for life.

Does your child have a diagnosis?


Speech Challenges


Sensory Processing Disorder


Gut Issues

Developmental Delays

Learning Disabilities




Lyme & Co-Infections

Mood Disorders


Autoimmune Diseases

Type 2 Diabetes

Rheumatoid Arthritis



For Your Child to Get Better, You Must Be the One to Say Yes

As a parent, you have the unique honor and responsibility of taking the lead for your child’s health. In fact, through our research we’ve discovered that parents must be the ones in charge of their child’s healing journey. It can’t be outsourced. It can’t be given over to a doctor. It must be you.

So, when you embark on your healing journey, you’ll be in the lead…but you won’t be alone.

We’ll be with you every step of the way. With in-person support from our doctors and experts. A community of other parents journeying with you. And pages of carefully designed and curated healing resources right at your finger tips.

This life-changing opportunity is for you and your child.
We hope you say yes!


Select an option below to join Healing Together. You’ll get instant access to the membership site. We look forward to seeing you on the the inside!

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Our Ongoing Scientific Research Studies:

The CHIRP™ Study (Protocol No. WIRB® 20173049)
The FLIGHT™ Study (Protocol No. WIRB® #20200327)

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